“I am” printer

“I am” printer is a label printer that I have hacked to print a continuous stream of poem by editing the latest twitter feeds that include the phrase “I am”. It has been originally developed as a part of the work “I am”, done in collaboration between Swedish poet Pär Thörn and Marcus Ghaly, Scott Meadows and me. The work is related to project “Beyond the Book” by Medea, a Malmö University research center .

Continuous and automatic printing of the verses, much like a ticker tape, emphasizes the mechanical editing of the poem. Text of the poem is constantly regenerated using algorithms that control the printer.

The work has been displayed in Galleri 21, Malmö together with a projection from Marcus and the web application I am developed by Scott. During the exhibition some 80 verses have been generated, printed and later handed out to visitors.  Together with other works, the poem is a piece of cultural magazine Pequod’s 2011 April issue.

I am printer has been lately exhibited at Transmediale 2012, pre-festival at Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

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